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A word that originated in Chicago and can have the following meanings:

1.) The act of being overly anxious for someone or something. Waiting for something with anxiety.

2.) Not being able to wait, too hyped up, and typically over something small or something that doesnt need all the attention that is being given.

3.) Repetitively askin for something although you know its coming or on its way.
1.) -I been next to the phone waiting for my girl to call me for three hours yo.
-YO stop bein so thristy ova that girl

2.) -Aye when is we goin to the corner store?
-Man we goin in a second stop being so thristy!

3.) -How long yo momma gone take with that food?
-Quit being thirsty or yo a$$ wont get none.
by Von B. December 24, 2007
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some who either open for the person, or anxious
I told my boyfriend that we should wait and have sex and he was acting madd thristy. It was like i had no room to breathe.
by Crystyle May 16, 2006
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A neologic portmanteau of the words thrifty and thirsty intended pejoratively to describe a person who is thirsty but too cheap or poor to purchase a beverage. Transitively extrapolated to denote a person who experiences a tremendous gravity towards free shit.
"I'm so thristy I've been taking my subway cup back for refills all week."

Person a: "Did you come to my wedding just for the open bar?"
Person b:"Naw. I'm not THAT thristy. I also figured there'd be at least a few miserably desperate girls here."
by shipwrek December 20, 2010
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It's where people like to stick their wrist in to risky situations. Most of the time it's sexual related stuff like a vagina or anus.
"My fucking god Richard! I really would like to get thristy with you tonight my lil' ginger asian babe. <3"
by Ginger Justice July 12, 2016
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