The act of dropping a thrice is the most complete, enlightening form of shit known to man. It has been called 'shitting your guts out', 'shitting out a lung' or other such terms, but the thrice holds a place in all our hearts. The thrice, like its close cousin, the deuce, requires more than one flush to evacuate. It is however most effective in public facilities. A thrice is usually a leg numbing experience and it can shock many first timers. The thrice is not a shit to be taken lightly. Users should be well versed in its usage before it is taken public. Thrices wait for no man. They have a tendency to interrupt fancy diners with a member of the opposite sex, said person's family, meetings with a superior, gaming sessions. A thrice can and will creep up on you at any give time. It should be made clear that a thrice needs to be at the top of one's priorities when it comes to such events. A thrice should be evacuated by no less than three flushes, however exceptions can be made. If you, yourself, require a courtesy flusha thrice has been achieved. In public, if you hear people come in and leave immediately, a thrice has been achieved. A thrice should be flushed at least once however. If not it is apt to leave behind floaters of epic, radioactive proportions. An oncoming thrice can be detected by sudden cramping of the bowls, an almost incurable urge to ninja dust, loud, possibly wet, flatulence and even prairie dogging. Once the thrice has been moved, the facility of your choice has been befouled, all that is left to clean up. A thrice-wipe should usually consist of at least two wipes per flush, making sure not to plug the toilet, as bad things happen if your throne ceases to function mid-thrice. One the final wipe make sure to 'wipe till ya bleed' or the akward post-thrice-squishiness will befall you.
"Dude, i just deuced it hardcore in your bathroom!"

"Hahahaha your funny, cuz i just dropped a thrice in your bathroom"

"Aww, fuck dude you didnt?"

"No I didnt. I wanted to drop a thrice, but I couldnt find the handle so its all festering in there."

*pukes*"aww fuckin shit dude'
by picKles was here February 22, 2007
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the new super trio of lebron james, chris bosh and dwayne wade joinig forces for the miami heat, the major fallout of 2010 free agency.
fake nba fan: dude the miami thrice is gonna make the heat go undefeated.

tom: thats impossible dumbass
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Adjective: A term used to describe semen that has been swallowed by the male from which it was ejaculated twice so as to filter it of the impurities.
Jill: How was last night with that random guy, George?
Amanda: It was great! He had a tattoo on his cock that said "thrice filtered" and he never explained what it meant, but his jizz tasted delicious!
by 320Tri December 09, 2010
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neopolitan ice cream, or any frozen dessert which contains three separate flavors.
Since the kids can't decide which ice cream to pick up, we compromised with some thrice cream
by Chadwell Moore January 03, 2009
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The need to Tap someone/something three times

Guy: Check out Zafrina's arse..I'd tap that thrice!
Guy #2: Indeed.

I tapped Sheila thrice last night
by InnitBroo April 06, 2009
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This word is used when "gnar gnar" is simply not enough...

1. The triple form of gnar

2. An action that embodies the highest conceivable level of gnarness.
"Dude I shredded that pipe thrice gnar"
by AnAardvarkIsWatchingYou December 01, 2009
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A phrase used to convey great fatigue, soreness, or flaccidness.
1.)I'm gonna lie down for a little bit dude, I'm tired as a thrice cummed cock.

2.) Yo man that work out was killer the other day, I've been as sore as a thrice cummed cock.

3.)Get rid of that balloon for me bro, it's lookin shriveled as a thrice cummed cock over there.
by the sheen machine February 26, 2009
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