“We didn’t have a Hot Girl Summer, but Thotumn is about to see us get pregers girl!”
by FuckGhettoBitches September 1, 2019
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After hot girl summer came thotumn, marked by the release of itsyoungcarlitos's album thotumn!
she said summer's over, it's still hot, bitch it's thotumn now!
by bigfishlilsea September 19, 2019
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A blonde female who likes to part take in acivities such as, eating ass, cussing about FIFA wives, twerking, trying to find her eyebrows, and being bestfriends with King Kush.
Thotumn likes to eat ass
Hey, I heard Thotumn ate your ass last night?!
by mudslide pussy March 11, 2015
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Autumn 2019 is formally known as thotumn, because thots really poppin this Autumn. Term coined by Florida underground rapper Litos aka therichvagabond, with the release of his single and mixtape Thotumn.
Thotumn thotumn thotumn (she's getting close to me) (it's getting cold)
by DaWizardAnydwy September 15, 2019
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Season in autumn where all freshman girls try to blow seniors’ dicks.
Senior Boy A: Woah, better watch out for all the freshman girls. It’s thotumn!
Senior Boy B: I know! It’s best we stay away from them.
by 29Ballons August 31, 2019
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Similar to "Hot Girl Summer" girls continue to have fun, but this time it's in the manner of being a thot. They get to tempt boys and dress in a "thotty" appearance. The months of Thottumn include September, Spooky Season, and No Nut November. Good luck boys.
Hot Girl Summer; Girl: lets have some fun!
Thotumn; Thot: Let's fuck up No Nut November!
by LiberalDestroyer6969 November 3, 2019
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Thot that arrives in the cooler temps of autumn.
All this cooler air has these thotumnal chicks coming out of the woodwork putting pumpkin spice on everything.
by Theofficialbean November 9, 2020
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