Kyle's racing number for his car at skagit speedway
the 3k car is the fastest car on the track and the driver is dreamy
by 3k racer May 04, 2005
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Hidden scripting language similar to 133t only it attempts to unrelate to words.
a = 2
b = 3
c =
d = q
e = +
f = %
g = p
h = (space)~(space)
i = l
j = )
k = :<
l = I
m = N\
n = /v
o = c
p = 7
q = ?
r = t
s = $
t = !
u = v
v = ^
w = 1
x = }{
y = -
z = g

? = *
! = #

Whats up?:

13+t = 11~2!5 v7*
by SyINex October 19, 2004
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A group of unknown peon ass little kids that made a gang for their dead ASS HOMIE🥺
“All the pussy ass niggas join 3k gang”
by Ajayfrm400 October 17, 2020
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A term used to descibe a person of great annoyance and little intelligence. Often found to be idling in an IRC room attempting to prove points of no importance.
Seen by many as the single biggest cause of lamness and arguing in the gaming world.
A CS hater of great magnitude due largely to the fact that said person is very bad at it.
<`3K|Jay> no, i dont count my sister as a lay :)
<`3K|Jay> clearly you do!
by Chillen July 07, 2003
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