It’s a jam, u fuck with it, lit song
*listening to dedication 6*

Person 1: shit bro this bumps
Person 2: hell yeh it’s fresh as fuck
by Lulax December 29, 2017
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An onomatopoetic phrase stated out loud when one has a boner.

Typically, the second 'bump' is stated with higher inflection, and the volume of the phrase is representative on how raging the boner is.

The phrase can also be used in general situations of extreme happiness.
After seeing a tall blonde girl with huge tits walk past you while sitting on the park bench with a couple of buddies: "bump bump"

"Hey bro, I just saw that hot ging at that party, and I totally bump bumped."

"Tiger Woods just won the tournament, our douchebag varsity golf roommate Patrick probably just bump bumped."
by balbir December 7, 2011
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The phonetic representation of the feeling one gets when falling in love with a girl. The word is used an outburst, or a pet name to a loved one. It should not be used to label the feeling, only to express that one is feeling it.

(Saying bump-bump should sound like a heartbeat from a delicate voice.)
Person 1: I was just looking into your eyes and, bump-bump, I think I fell in love with you more deeply!

Person 2: Oh lord! You're mushy!
by Bump-Bump October 28, 2010
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To say, forget that, get rid of that, thats stupid, thats a terrible idea, ect.
Me:"Hey, lets go to the mall."
Brandon:"Man, bump that."
by Keely Loyce August 15, 2005
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BUMP to bring up somebody's post typically by posting the word "bump" on a message board
Can also stand for
by Mike Oxlong February 12, 2003
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blaring music and getting down to it. Jaming. Rocking out. Grooving to the music. Often used in reference to people driving down the road in their cars listening to some recording artists that they really like.
My neighbor is bumping Journey on his stereo.
We were bumping hardcore rap.
by runandwin June 28, 2005
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1.meaning to play loud music on your stereo. Mostly means on your car stereo. forget about a situation or a place not desirable.
"You can BUMP THIS in your Caddillac..."

"This party sucks, lets BUMP THIS place..."
by Michael Fairchild May 4, 2005
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