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Listening to some ill beats on your jam box while headbanging (lightly or heavy) and taping your foot, maybe even signing along.
Dood! You rocking out to a friigin country song!
by Kevin Shaw September 06, 2005
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To enjoy music excessively, often while operating a motor vehicle. Rocking out often occurs at a stoplight and can be impulsive. Rocking out often involves playing the air guitar, air drums, and the air tambourine. The alleged rock out star usually plays every instrument in the song at least once. It rarely goes unnoticed.

There have been no reported deaths from rocking out.
Dude, I totally got caught rocking out in my car today.
So? It happens
I was listening to Ace of Base...
Ooooh snap!
by airbag22 October 30, 2006
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Doing everything in ones power to draw attention to themselves.
Someone singing a Saves the Day song at the top of their lungs in front of about 20 people, not giving a damn what they think, could be construed as rocking out.
by Joseph119 February 27, 2003
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When you are surrounded my sweaty people, women or men, and are rocking out so hard you start to get a boner.
"Dude I'm totally rocking out right now."

"Ok Darden."
by Tyler tran May 17, 2010
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