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BUMP to bring up somebody's post typically by posting the word "bump" on a message board
Can also stand for
by Mike Oxlong February 12, 2003

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former XFL running back named Rod Smart that wore "He Hate Me" on his jersey instead of his name
He Hate Me is now a backup running back in the NFL.
by Mike Oxlong September 29, 2003

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A substitution for the suffix "-ck". eg, hax0r, fux0r, chix0r, sux0r.

When using the x0r construct, the "-er" suffix becomes superfluous. Hence, "hacker" does not become hax0rer; rather, the terminal -er is dropped.
d00d, if i was a better hax0r, that chix0r would sux0r my dix0r.
by Mike Oxlong June 16, 2003

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An action of a dirty sanchez performed by 2 men (see Dirty Sanchez)
"That guy was a total bitch so my friend and i gave him a dirty Manchez."
by Mike Oxlong June 19, 2004

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Massive male orgy with one female in the middle getting facialed
"She was very eager to join my Bukake"
by Mike Oxlong June 19, 2004

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Charva is the romany (gypsy) word for unruly youth. Why it originates in Newcastle when there is next to no gypsies is beyond me. In my part of the north-east (Darlington) the word charva refers to gypsies as that is the correct meaning. The little tossers from Newcastle are just wannabe gypsies (fuck knows why) hence the use of the word charva to describe themselves.
Real charvas wear real burberry caps and rockports as they can afford the flash gear because they (somehow) make lots of money unlike the little wannabe rentas.
"charva kekka rokka" <---real charva talk not no imitation shit from the wannabes
by Mike Oxlong February 28, 2004

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Would you like more tea sir?
y'aunt moteesah?
by Mike Oxlong May 14, 2003

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