The best. This word is very interesting. The important part of it is without THE, an entirely different meaning applies. My teacher is shit= bad teacher. My teacher is THE shit = greatest teacher
by Andrewsky March 5, 2003
Something that kicks ass. Not to be confused with shit, which is something that sucks ass.
by dj gs68 October 30, 2003
The best. Originated as a term to describe high quality drug substances. IE, "this is good shit."

Evolved to common usage for any item of high quality. However, in typical usage, the article "the" is required to denote superiority. Without the word "the" prefacing the word "shit," a different, usually negative, meaning applies.
This joint is the shit./This is potent marijuana.
His new car is the shit./His car is excellent.

This joint is shit./This is poor quality marijuana.
His new car is shit./His new car is not desirable.
by Joshua Cox March 29, 2005
War; a battle, used by American soldiers and participants since WWII to describe the chaos of war.
Keep your knees high, we're about to enter the SHIT!
by Kehk January 21, 2017
The latest trend, something everyone or one individual is currently into.
"Man, remember the second grade? Silly bands were the shit back then!"
by BashedInHead February 8, 2017
not just shit, but THE shit. saying just shit is something low class. but saying THE shit means its over the top cool.
person one: mah car is the shit.

person two: your car is just shit. its a ford escort, mon.
by T. Lex June 3, 2005
The best of the best. Nothing greater than it. Not to be confused with shit, which is the most often the complete opposite of THE shit.
by D-Wolf January 4, 2005