Somebody who doesnt care what people say about them.
Somebody who is very confident.
Somebody who is there self.
Somebody who can tell who fake people are and only act as aqantence to them.
Somebody who is popular.
Somebody who is independent.
Somebody who is proud.
Sombody who could be wearing Target (ew) and be confident.
by the way guys totally dig confidence.
"That girl is so confident, shes awesome."-dude
"no man shes not only that, shes the shit."-other dude
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a term used frequently during the use of narcotics (especially marijuana) to fill in gaps of silence in conversation.
momentary silence
" the shit"
by curtis November 25, 2003
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the best; great. when the word "the" is taken away, it has a completely opposite meaning.
"my father was a drug dealer"
"that must have been the shit!"
"it ruined his life and landed him in jail!"
"that must have been shitty."
by ella October 30, 2004
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Meaning something great or good; IE dope, cool, phat, etc....
The weed we smoked last night was THE SHIT!
by AC February 22, 2004
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