Typical male doomer in life. Soft male who loves to cry while he goes to sleep.
by Zachery Hamilton November 24, 2021
A soft male and very fun guy.
Raymond wu is always crying but at least he is funny about it
by Zachery Hamilton November 24, 2021

Oh, what, grab my nut get screwed
Ow, here comes my Shaolin style
Sloop, B. A. Buh-B. Y. U
to my crew with the "SUUUUUUUUUU"
by King Gheedorah01 May 9, 2022
Olus wu
Olus wu
by Hauaiwiwka November 23, 2021
Slang used by the snake heads, "Chinese Smugglers" in San Francisco or Los Angeles, to define "money wire" Western Union Defined for its two first letters.
i will talk with Mr. Wu, meaning i will send a "money wire" by Western Union, commonly said when a Chinese smuggler will proceed to send a money wire by Western Union.
by Lin Toi November 21, 2006
cute a bute the one that you compare to fruit a sweet and neet a girl that you would kiss her feet
i see that she may love somebody but we but if thats "me" / "who" / "whom"/ "him/her"
you will see that she is cute and weet to wavery body very uneek
whom is made for or she is made for a song written in seconds
wu ni yao
by monkey king September 10, 2013
When you smoke the joint or blunt down to a stinger or a roach, then proceed to inhale and open your mouth for a split second until it lands on your tongue and extinguishes whereby you eat it. Usually used to get rid of a roach in a public place or to quickly hide the evidence of a smoke session.

Tends to get you higher
Person 1: Hey bro, I think that's a cop over there. Wu-tang the nug real quick.
Person 2 after eating roach: Bro I think that was some reggie , I can taste it.
by James Phallushands July 12, 2019