The cause for all physchic abilities in the Warhammer 40000 universe. Also the cause for the forces of Chaos.

The warp is hard to describe, in that it is completely chaotic, yet to some a sole salvation. Psykers can communicate telepathically through it and some can use it as a sort of weapon, with physical effects. Some can rip a tear in the warp through which others may be sucked. Others can use the warp to enhance their own capabilities.

Through all these advantages though there are even more dangers. Chaotic beings and malicious daemons travel through the warp and can enter this realm through its wielder.

Psykers face a constant danger if not disciplined. The daemons can speak with these psykers and even persuade them to be possessed. The effects of possession are horrible and mutagenic, transforming the host into two beings in one body, one is constantly trying to take over all control and burst free of the conciousness of the host.
It was pure chaos, vomitted striaght out of the warp.

The warp spawn grew grotesquely from its host.

The beast had four arms, no five, i couldnt count them as they were constantly changing. The effects of the warp are terrible to behold, indeed.
by Rodell August 12, 2006
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"Warping" or "Warp" is a drinking game based on the song "Warp 1.9". During the song there are three instances where the singer says "One, Two, Woot! Woot!". Immediately after the singer says this phrase, everybody starts to drink their respective drinks. The goal is to finish your drink first. However, once one person puts their drink down, everyone must put their drink down. Thus, everyone is limited by the slowest drinker.

There is a short space between the first and second "woot"s and a longer space between the second and third. The game should ideally be played with two or more beers. The game was invented in a parking lot in Keene, NH in December of 2009.
Parents: "Jimmy, where were you last night?"

Jimmy: "I was warping, and I couldn't drive afterwards"

Kid: "Hey guys, want to warp"

Other Kid: "Hell yeah! Lets steal some of my dad's beer"

In Canada, where drinking games are illegal, one can be arrested for warping.
by Nicoslavia January 6, 2010
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To be convoluted, twisted, rippled or distorted.
1) The lumber left outside warped from exposure to the sun and rain. 2) Years of drug abuse had warped the mans mind. 3) Strong magnetic fields from the black hole warped time and space allowing the ship to travel into another dimension.
by Patrick White March 13, 2004
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to travel at such extreme speeds that time itself can be altered. or the bending of wood over a period of time
We went so fast we warped to 1873.
by G. Gardner PHD time travel April 24, 2017
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Short for Warped Tour. A punk rock concert tour that occurs every summer. It usualy has around 6 stages and near or more than 50 bands. The Warped Tour is sponsered by Vans and has been running for just over 10 years.
"Yes, I got tickets for Warped! I can't wait for it, only 3 more weeks!"
by Paigeums August 2, 2006
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when a person gets so crazy high that they begin to see things with a distorted appearance, as if they are warped.

usually affective after smoking very chronic weed or getting hella fucked up from anything else.
ben got hella warped off just a ten sack
by Guantanamera November 27, 2006
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a mix between Herpes and Genital Warts. first started by Miky" mug club . leemn-mate and jbooby. often caught in saratoga springs it can potentially be lethal.
a mix between herpes and genital warts . Warpes
by leeman-mate, jbooby, MJ mug cl November 10, 2010
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