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A person who upon visualizing, reading, thinking, or even imagining something attractive or sexual embodies the characteristics of a southern elderly lady and receives warmth in the crotch area, similar to that of a dog in heat.
After hearing that Gary was going with the class to Italy Amanda received the vapors. She went home and took a cold shower to relieve herself.

Also may quote the line "I do indeed have the vapors" (While fanning themselves or their crotch)
by SammyDavies3 October 11, 2005

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A homosexual male that imbodies the image and likeness of a culture's style or chic.

Can also be a bit imprudent, but overall jaunty in manner and appearance
Everyone was well dressed at the Ball, but it was the Master of Sass who stole the show, with his Prada attire and new wave hair doo.
by SammyDavies3 October 04, 2005

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