A truman is when you talk about trains and blow your load in a girls mouth.
the truman

i like trains
let me cum in your mouth
i just made a truman
by bben February 24, 2014
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Truman is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. From the beginning he can make you smile and be so happy about yourself. What caught your eye about Truman was he is the cutest with a smile that is so contagious everyone around him starts to smile. His hair so so perfect you can't stop looking at him. His looks got you from the start but his personality and ability to melt your heart is why you stayed. With a sense of humor so good the ice is broken right from the beginning. If you ever find a Truman do not even think about leaving. Once you've left they do not know much else to do because trumans are so loyal they will not ever leave. Trumans are always good at sports especially soccer and football. Trumans are the closest thing to perfect. Do not ever leave a Truman I did and I still cannot forgive myself. Trumans are a blessing to everyone who knows one.
Man he was a real Truman, but I think im in love.

Do you think that Truman will ever notice me?

He must be a Truman with that hot hair.
by I miss trumoo December 28, 2014
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The flyest boy in town. He drips so hard that he makes ripples upon the Earth. The polar opposite of a poser; he is who posers are trying to be!
"WOAHH that boy is wavy as a motha!!"
"Yeah he's such a truman😍"
by sanntifather August 21, 2020
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Trumane is a very understanding person.. its different when you try to just get into to friendships because he wants to understand you before getting to know you, he is very athletic and is not very picky.. Alot of people might say he's lucky but it takes skill to handle with alot that goes on in his life and still maintain everything else.. If you know a Trumane you might be the luckiest person ever as if there are barley any in the World!! He has perfect hair and a strong personality like i said before he gets to know you then you will find out who he really is. A caring person so self motivated!!
Trumane is a True Mane Man
by Trumane April 05, 2016
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1. A person who lives their life with hope that dreams come true.

2. A paranoid person that thinks their life is being manipulated and the world is trying to bring them down.

3. A person who receives a gift and evaluates his true character.
A happy Truman believes that dreams come true. A sad Truman has no hope.
by notsorry July 03, 2016
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One of the most amazing people I have ever met. Has frikkin awesome Hair. He is so sweet. And so special to me. He is easy to fall in love with. Truman Is Funny and easy to talk to about anything and everything, You'll never forget him.
by Tipsykitty March 20, 2010
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To be a Truman you must jack off to teachers at your school. It can't be a student, only teachers. If you masturbate to teachers, you are a Truman.
I'm gonna Truman to the teacher tonight.
We are Truman.
I'm Trumaning right now!
Are you a Truman?
by trumaning June 05, 2018
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