an ass hole that has nasty hair around it and looks like a buritto
by Alex and joey February 2, 2004
"hey Tina look at those burittos !"

"man those little burrito must weigh like 90 pounds a each! I feel sorry for their mom she must have to carry them around i dont even think they can walk."
by monipulator June 19, 2009
Buritto amnesia is when someone eats a buritto, then forgets about it and blames someone for eating it on them. This usually happens to students with room mates who share a small freezer.
Dylan: Craig! you ate my buritto you douche bag

Craig: No I didnt. I saw you eat it last week. You suffer from Buritto Amnesia
by Captian Lion February 28, 2011
an upgraded version of burrito.
very rare!!!
-wassup bro look what i got!
-no fucking wa-
-i know, i know.
by pablo burrito January 4, 2021
1.Gross you still have a Buritto Sleeve on your cock I'm not touching that thing.

2. I love sucking on your Buritto Sleeve there's so much pre.
by I suck cock for likes September 30, 2017
you fuck a girl in the ass and shortly after she forgets that you had anal sex and sucks your dick
that girl sucked my tainted buritto
by rhett mullinski March 27, 2004