A name given to boys in Mexican Mafias
“Ago where’s The Stud
“Oh he in the bank finishing some business
by johana.13.m July 23, 2018
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Stud stud is a construction helper who generally doesnt do much of anything, he will ask questions then do his own freestyle of something wrong claiming it was what he/she is supposed to do.
George- Did you see what Luke did?
Mike- Yeah, hes a stud stud what did you expect?
by Dome4321 June 17, 2020
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Julian is the biggest stud there is!
by cvgx October 13, 2015
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The term stud was originated in the African American lesbian community. They tend to be influenced by urban and hip-hop cultures. In the New York City lesbian community, a butch may identify herself as AG (aggressive) or as a stud. They most appear masculine or wear most masculine attire, Them also being called a masc fem.
Girl 1: woah that girl over there looks really masculine!
Girl 2: yeah she’s most likely a stud.
by AutumnBrown November 4, 2020
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A sexy, gorgeous, cool, badass man dude who every girl wants to have sex with.
Jesse is a stud because all the girls at yoga want to have sex with him.
by Lauren Thornwood June 13, 2017
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basically a badass... this person is really cool. Everyone looks up to them and wants to get with them. This person an be a male or a female gay or straight. studs do not discriminate. STUDS DOMINATE
DB: hey what's up?
CW: nothing just chilling with my new key chain
DB: can i chill with you? your such a stud i want people to see that we are hanging out together
DB: well yeah sure i guess...i am used to weird people wanting to hang out with me. its the price you have to pay for being a stud
DB: Alright cool
CW: no prob, wanna hook up?
DB: def.
by CarlyKrista August 2, 2007
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The coin in a lego video game
Purple is worth 10k
Blue is 1k
Gold is 100
Silver is 10
Yo brian ive finally gotten 100000 studs to unlock count dooku in lego star wars!
by Yoshida the queen May 9, 2022
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