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To lay on one's arm so as to deny the passage of blood and ultimately loose feeling in the limb, followed by the act of mastrubation with said limb.
I gave myself the stranger last night.
by Fuh_shizzle March 21, 2003
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A term used to reference cannabis/marijuana/weed.
This Jazz Cabbage got me zooted. Jazz Cabbage is less harmful than Squares. Iā€™m smoking that Jazz Cabbage boy.
by Gypsiehood97 December 30, 2017
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Sitting on your hand until it falls asleep and then jerking off, eliciting the feeling of a hand job from someone else.
Me and Mr. Dick met The Stranger last night. It was amazing.
by Dirty Sex Vernacular May 22, 2003
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Step 1: Find a hard surface such as a a Wood Bench or Marble Floor
Step 2: Sit on your Dominant hand, palm down for 5-7 minutes until 88% of feeling or more is lost in that hand
Step 3: Close your eyes, manifesting a pleasurable scenario, then proceed to gratify yourself with your hand in its current numb state

Result: Out of body experience simulating/fantasizing another person administrating hand and or oral* stimulation on yourself.

*Jergens can be used in conjunction with the stranger for simulated oral relief
The Perfect Strangers Balky & Larry exhibited "The Stranger", by sitting on each other hands, then having a pleasurable time proceeding the dance of joy.
by TshirtTank on the Web February 19, 2008
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'The Stranger' is a masturbation technique which the user commences by sitting on their hands until they go numb and as a result cannot feel through their hands when they masturbate.
I employed 'The Stranger' last night for the first time.
by Pessimessed September 24, 2005
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To jack yourself off after letting your hand go numb: see example below
Dave Chappelle, in "A Moment in the Life of Lil' Jon" skit, calls up the real Lil' Jon and he says "I like to sit on my hands and wait til they get numb, and then masturbate myself...I call that THE STRANGER"
by Skario October 19, 2004
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latin: peregrinus
Almost all men and women masturbate either sitting or lying down, making this solo move a natural way to spice up a private half hour. Sit or lie on top of the hand you normally masturbate with, dramatically reducing the blood flow in your arm. For men, once you've lost feeling in that hand, dab on some lubricant and begin to masturbate. Women can start with fingers or a toy--the choice is yours. With no no sensation in your hand (but feeling everything down south), you can imagine getting frisky with a mysterious partner--who just happens to know exactly how you like it!
from the book: Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex
I haven't had a partner for some time. And I never had the money or desire to invest in sex toys or call girls. The stranger really is the next best thing to getting it for real.
by Dirty Buck Nasty April 13, 2010
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