A guy with an above average sized dick, who thinks his dick is so good that he can fuck any woman, including your best friend or your sister. His dick preempts him from any human ethics, whatsoever.
That guy thinks he's Mr. Dick! He was flirting with my best friend right in front of me.
by SwimKat April 21, 2011
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Guy in the gym locker room who walks around with the towel around his neck and his dick is hanging loose.
Hey look Mr. Dick is brushing his teeth with his shlong resting on the counter.
by suicidemike October 03, 2010
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Mr. Dick Ear is the term you would call someone who has an ear fetish and enjoys putting their dicks into people's ears.
She found out that the strange man was a Mr. Dick Ear when he tried to have sex with her ear.
by Undesirable.savage May 22, 2016
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When you have a really small penis, but you think it is huge
Israel claimed that he had a big cock, but when Sarah tried to blow him she realized that it was only 3 inches, she then exclaimed, Israel you are Mr. Tiny Dick. Israel was Mr. Tiny dick because he thought he had a big dick, but is was only 3 inches long.
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1. A title given to a guy who's attitude exudes self confidence, an alpha male type presence, or an "I'm better than you but I don't feel the need to point it out" type aura.

This type of behavior is most common in short males when they are around their significant other.
Male 1: hey dude look at Matt over there.
Male 2: What do you mean?
Male 1: He's sitting over there like Mr. Big Dick with his arm over his girlfriend like that.
Male 2: Oh yea, but you know he's short and short guys need to like assert their dominance and whatnot...
by Slyfer070 August 08, 2009
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An great collection of internet porn videos where a bro by the name of Julian pounds a bunch of hot pussy. Used by hung dudes to jack it mostly.
I jerk to Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks because of the large size of my dong.
by jSox May 02, 2008
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