A slut is a woman with no morals and no respect for others because of her self centered point of view.
She caught this slut Natassa Katsikari with her boyfriend in bed.
by Alwaysgood November 22, 2017
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At the very end of some swedish movies a big SLUT is displayed on the silver screen.
by nibor September 30, 2005
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bitchy, sleeps with every guy, too much make up, short and tight clothing, very nasty, lost virginty in like 6th grade, and trashy
Oh yeah I slept with this sluty girl last night
by pumpkinbutterbean April 1, 2015
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A slut is a woman that is a sexually liberated unique treasure, this type of woman is extremely rare in the wild, and must be protected from the sexually repressed people that wish to do them harm, and shame them.

They have no sexual limits, and will take pleasure from any sexual experience they can take part in, and as a hobby will hookup and have sex with almost anyone, to fullfil their ritualistic need for sexual pleasure.
Wow, that Slut really is a sexually liberated unique treasure, I wish more of them existed, they're so rare these days.
by ExploreYourInnerDesires September 19, 2023
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A girl or women wearing more makeup than clothes.
Person 1: Hey look at that girl over there!
Person 2: Yeah that bitch is wearing barely anything even in this cold snowy weather!
Person 3: What a slut!
by Mushroomisile69 February 1, 2015
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A girl who has no respect for her self. She basically has "open for business" or "available" stamped on her forehead. She will have sex with any guy who has a cute face and a big dick.
Girl1- Omg do you see that guy over there?

Girl2- Yea he's cute i guess

Girl1- What you talking bout he's sexy from head to toe! I would love ride him like a horse!

Girl2- ugh you are such a slut. . .
by Blue Buttons May 29, 2009
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A girl who acts like a slut but isn't attractive enough, ends up just looking stupid.
Guy 1: Hey look, it's Hannah, should I bang that?
Guy 2: Nah man, Hannah's a Slut-A-Be
Guy 1: Good thing I'm blind
by hopsterliving September 29, 2011
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