At the very end of some swedish movies a big SLUT is displayed on the silver screen.
by nibor September 30, 2005
A woman (or man) who chooses to base their identity, image and self esteem around their sexuality and objectified sex appeal. Usually dress provocatively and engage in promiscuous sex, but not all who do these things can be considered sluts.
Matthew McConaughey is a slut.

If you where certain clothes i will ask if you are a slut and want to do it.
by TheRealOGmofos May 19, 2011
A girl who has no respect for her self. She basically has "open for business" or "available" stamped on her forehead. She will have sex with any guy who has a cute face and a big dick.
Girl1- Omg do you see that guy over there?

Girl2- Yea he's cute i guess

Girl1- What you talking bout he's sexy from head to toe! I would love ride him like a horse!

Girl2- ugh you are such a slut. . .
by Blue Buttons May 29, 2009
Slut mean if you don't take a bath or a clean person
by Not nice February 14, 2016
Acting like a slut - can be attributed to men or women. Mostly used to describe online activity.
Matt spent the night slutting online sorting out his gaydar shags.
by world March 31, 2005
Man: your a slut

Woman: thank you. I know im a sweet little unforgettable thing
by LordOf_HELL April 21, 2018
A girl who acts like a slut but isn't attractive enough, ends up just looking stupid.
Guy 1: Hey look, it's Hannah, should I bang that?
Guy 2: Nah man, Hannah's a Slut-A-Be
Guy 1: Good thing I'm blind
by hopsterliving September 29, 2011