The US brand name for the VW Golf Mk1. A popular small family car designed in Germany. The Mark One, built in New Stanton, PA, was the first European car to be manufactured in the United States. They were used as taxi cabs in Lexington, KY.
"Your neighbor does you a huge favor
And he sells you that Rabbit
That's been sittin' in his yard.
You fix it up, you trick it out,
You give it rims, you give it bump,
You give it all your time.
Cause that's all you can think about."
A Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre (incomplete) by Andre 3000
by Toasterrupe May 18, 2008
A slang word mostly used in the south that refers to a woman's genitals.
"She got a fat rabbit."
by georgetown November 30, 2006
a female or woman that is obessed with sex
damn im with this rabbit and we fucked 9 times this week
by Horny bastard January 9, 2005
Eminem's nickname in the movie "8 Mile", popular among other white trash males who on occasion bleach their hair and nickname themselves Rabbit.
Random guy: YO whussup thanks for the free liquor and beer and bud dude, yeah its wierd that you lie to people and need the company of other dudes, but thanks for the free shi!

Devin M: yeah man im so fucked im so stoned! Im drunk and i have a test in 5 minutes.

Random: Oh shit dude what was your name again?

Devin: My friends call me Rabbit...

Random: Oh ok dude whatever, you want some Proactiv?
by POPularity Contest May 21, 2005
a small animal that hops around alot and is hard to catch, is very tasty in stew
that rabbit is doin it with a squirrel!!!
by J Mizzle February 2, 2004
Rabbit: A number one top gun, in the name of justice, John Q. Public can trust us. Hail to thee dear old Paroon, hail to thee
by Crazy Horse July 14, 2004
Cute, loving rodents! They are great pets!
Rabbits are cute, soft and cuddly.
by Shelby A April 4, 2007