André Benjamin on May 27, 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia is an American rapper, hip hop producer and actor. He is half of the successful hip hop duo OutKast. This guys so fly he has a video (hey ya)with a band ( The Love Below) composed of variations of himself on different instruments.
His aliases include: Dre, Possum Aloysius Jenkins, Dookie, Benjamin André, Johnny Vulture, Funk Crusador, Love Pusher, Touchy Tiger, and Nookie Blossumgang III.
Andre 3000 is currently the voice of Sunny Bridges in the cartoon, Class Of 3000 on Cartoon Network.
by grassyass January 6, 2007
A way of expressing excitment or approval of something.
Carl: what's up son look at my new quad
Phimore: aw yea boyyeee that thing is Andre-Andre 3000
by Bob the balla February 24, 2009
A drinking game in which participants drink 3000 milliliters of Andre champagne; 4 x 750 mL. Aptly named after the OutKast lead singer. Andre 3000
Does anybody else hear Hey Ya in the background? Or is someone attempting an Andre 3000 mL?
by The Big Geezy February 7, 2012
A drinking game named after Andre 3000, member of the group Outkast. The winner of this game is the first to finish 4 bottles of Andre champagne. Each bottle contains 750 mL therefore 4 bottles total 3000 mL of Andre.
"Hey, wanna play a drinking game?"
"Yeah, I have a case of Andre, lets play the Andre 3000 Challenge!"
by sparkykidddd December 31, 2014