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The pink man; is a United States one-dollar bill.

Width: 156 mm.

Height: 66 mm.

PaperType: 75% cotton 25% linen.

Bill series: 2006

Serial number: L35006319G

On the obverse of the note are the words, The pink man.

The pink man is a bill that chooses its owner, but as everyone who has ever had the pink man knows you do not own the pink man it owns you.

When the pink man chooses It's victim it will try not to get spent.
The pink man will hide in your wallet, it will hide in your pocket, it will hide any place that it can.

The pink man is fine when It's in your possession but hidden it will haunt you. The pink man hidden will cause you to be broke, you will get paid and then have nothing before you know it.

Now before you destruction your house looking for the pink man and spend it, give it away or dispose of it in anyway.
I heed a warning; th attempted disposition of the pink man will only make it worse and sometimes can spread the broken curse to friends and family.

You must avoid looking for the pink man. The only way to be rid of it is when the pink man decides to move on. This will happen when you are not broke but need one dollar or one more dollar and without thinking about it you will find the pink man.
I have been cursed with the pink man 12 times a total of two years.

Finally free again I am living a happy and healthy new life.
by left side December 27, 2011
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