When just the tip of your man's petite junk happens to make a brief appearance out of the bottom of his inappropriately short shorts. See the pinky. Antonym: the brain.
Is that guy winking at me? No, but he's totally giving you the peek-a-boo.
by Testudines69 January 16, 2011
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While having doggy-style sex in a dark room, you switch with a friend without her knowing and then exit room and wave to her from her window
Peek-a-Boo i see you
by pbking May 2, 2009
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What you imagine your hemorrhoids saying after a long day on your feet.
Honey where is the Preperation H? My dam hemorrhoids are playing peek-a-boo again.
by Angus McCracken February 4, 2020
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when u need to take a crap and it goes out and in of ur a-hole
pull the car over my shit's playin peek a boo with me again
by killa fred September 20, 2007
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A secretive slang term for a man's uncircumcised or uncut penis that's NOT erect and is hiding inside the foreskin, waiting to be unleashed. When the dick gets erect it will pull the peek-a-boo card which means it's gonna come out of the foreskin and surprise you.
Perry: "So, how was Tristan Thompson's d***?"

Sydney Chase: "It was a peek-a-boo d*** but baby it was good,"

Reilly: "So, Tristan Thompson is uncut?"

cryptic response
by YeshQueen June 4, 2021
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An uncircumcised man. An un-erect penis thats hidden in its foreskin.
by leah2315 January 7, 2014
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1.) He got a peek a boo when he saw her in her shorts.
by Tfislifetbh February 27, 2017
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