nitty get down to the serious stuff. This 'stuff' could be work, fine details of a plan, or sex.
"Reet-o love, i`ve taken you out to the fancy restaurant tongiht. I`ve fed & watered you & we`ve had a reet grand neet.....are we gonna get down tert nitty gritty or av i just wasted twenty-five quid on you fer nowt?"
by Dr Fox May 8, 2007
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According to "Nacho Libre" "nitty gritty" means to get down to the facts of life and really find out what your woman wants.
Nacho: lets get down to the nitty gritty
by RyanJones July 16, 2006
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To get down and dirty, get in the muck of things.

It could refer to getting rough (verb), or it could be used as a description(adjective).
by iseepinkelefants January 25, 2009
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Sticking your big toe into a vagina.
Susan was thrilled when Bigfoot showed up to the party because she knew it would be the best nitty gritty she's ever received.
by Grundle Thunderbird June 25, 2017
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Pitties (or tits that hang into a girl's armpits when she's lying down) that have gotten all sandy or dirty.
After a long day at the beach, her pitties became nitty-gritties.
by JosephM. January 22, 2008
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