The prime example of what the child or grown man will use to say he got something that cost alot of money or got a lot of it
a- "where did you get that gold watch from"
b- "erm.. internet"

C- "how did you get so rich"
d-" ermm... inherited the internet"
by Lumpy the moose July 07, 2004
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The most toxic thing you'll ever end up on. No matter what the internet is full of toxic people, any comment section will have so much toxicity on it. If you're on the internet just stay away from "those people" you know what I'm on about..

irrelevant stuff: my Roblox is Gliittzer, check it out if really wanna ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
person #1: Hi.
person #2: What do you want? -_-

another one:
Random YouTube comment section.
person #1: *tells random joke*
person #2: *Doesn't get the joke*
person #3: *r/wooooshes them even though it's YouTube, not Reddit, but that's just the internet.*
by Gliittzer August 07, 2020
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AN amazing place of meeting new people online.
Say if ...John Cena is on... like facebook.... and you follow him.... face book is on the Internet.
via giphy
by Potatoesaregood August 20, 2017
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Where the good go to die.

Jim: I went and posted some of my music on the internet the other day, and when i went to check on the comments, i found many calling me a homosexual. Time for me to an hero.
by bAiDeN March 19, 2009
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1) Full of people who think their opinions mean something

2) The worst thing to happen to the English language since SMS
1) Argh, the internet is good most of the time, but if I have to see a link to ONE MORE BLOG...

2) l33tn00b: OMGGZZ, I LIEK NTSP33K!!
highway to mel: Learn to spell, you backwards dumbarse fuckwit.
by highway to mel March 15, 2006
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The ultimate downfall of humanity.It has sneakishly worked its way into our lives , consuming the time of many people. From there , it will manifest itself into a person who will assume total control of everyone who used the internet and overthrow the government and start a new world order.That said , have fun kiddies .. because when the internet takes over , you're going to wish you were never born.

Although it can be used for good , it does more bad than good.
Person : Dude , come on , lets go catch a movie or something , the internet will always be here , get out and live life.

Internet addict : You dirty slut. How dear you speak of the internet like that. You will the be the first to go.
by Suede Cleaner June 11, 2006
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