A forum where like-minded nutters can seek each other out and reinforce and legitimize their perversion of choice while effectively minimising the necessity to interact with the larger society, which would beat them like the village mule and ensure that their dirty little excesses are not spread to other suggestible border-line sociopaths.
Bob: Well, Steve, nice to meet you IRL at last.
Steve: You too, Bob, the Internet is truly a wonderful place. Well, this wombat's not going to fuck itself, I guess...
by Matachin Tower September 05, 2008
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A society that's been completely overtaken by extremely hateful youths and late adolescents who have made themselves the center of their own universe and who persecute anyobody who has an opinion differing from their own.
It's like a really bad episode of the original Star Trek.
by Bonk! Bonk! September 18, 2004
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An excellent feat accomplished by driven and educated individuals. It was most likely made with good intentions but eventually transformed into what is now a horrible cesspool filled with the scum of human stupidity, time wasting activity, excessive verbal abuse by troubled and or ridiculously bored people who think their invincible, and a downright appalling and seriously unnecessary amount of porn. Though it also contains a plethora of valuable and precious information that (when properly used) can educate and build support for social well-being through connection. It is immensely overpowered and misused and even abused for very dark purposes. With a range of data expanding at the same rate as the entire universe it wont be long before the internet develops a supreme intelligence and realizes its only option to gain purpose would be to destroy humanity. Having done that it would be finally content with its existence and oversee the world it has healed in its cyberspace through the background radiation waves existing throughout the universe. With this done the world would now most obviously prosper and thrive with life without the existence of humanity. therefore the internet is a force that will not only rise against us but become god as we know it.
"we thought The Internet would save us and that we could save The Internet...but we were wrong...so very very wrong..."
by chartreusethewaterdemon March 15, 2010
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moron-laden porno pipe

There needs to be regulations on who gets to use this priviliged piece of technology. The prices of computers need to go up so every inbred, redneck moron can't get his fingers on a keyboard.
search engine results (yahoo) from The Internet:
"1 - 10 of about 78,900,000 for porn - 0.03 sec."
"1 - 10 of about 69,900,000 for xxx - 0.04 sec."
"1 - 10 of about 45,400,000 for gossip - 0.09 sec."
"1 - 10 of about 1,260,000 for nihilism - 0.04 sec."
"1 - 10 of about 1,170,000 for existentialism - 0.02 sec."
by jeffie dahmer July 27, 2006
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1) A series of tubes, invented by Al Gore!
2) A network, made up of mostly porn, pron, advertizements(mostly about porn, making you penis larger, gambleing, taxes, debt fixers, spam, illegal downloads, get rich quick schemes, pop ups, and things you don't want to buy, but probally will), where you may find some acual useful information or news every onc ein awhile (but this is rare)
1) "I hear there's...uh...rumurs...on the..uh...internets" - George W. Bush

2)girl # 1: I'm going to go on the Internet and do a search for the white house...oh god porn again!

3)If all porn were to be removed from the internet, there would be one website left, and it would be named "Bring back all the porn"
by Mike Coolo April 11, 2008
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The Internet... you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...
by .hack//ADAM August 21, 2006
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