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To make use of the Internet, For finding information or other.
"according to my Internetting this book is available ."

"I think i might just buy it and see! Meant to be good according to my internetting."
by Imaginaryboy September 22, 2005
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Verb: The act of using of the internet. i.e. surfing the world wide web
Infinitive: To internet
1. The other day I was internetting, and I found a video of a dolphin taking a bong rip.

2. Bro, do you even internet?
by Heisenberg's Pimp March 22, 2014
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Inetting, slang word related to internetting or interneting.
"Hope your inetting later tonight, see ya then." Replace internetting with inetting.
by Mark Dalton December 14, 2007
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The current use of the internet in communication regardless of medium whether it be through e-mail or any other instant text message ability.
No Doi, I'm internetting him back right now, Becky!

I just submitted my new resume to that employer I was talking about, but they still haven't internetted me back yet.

Hey, send me an internet about that O.K. bro?!

Ya the scene went sideways, I will internet you later about it...
by Wordcarver January 26, 2011
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