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the oscar winning best picture of 2009/10, a fantastic juxtaposition of cinematic genious/drivel based on a true story by someone who will have no social/political relevance to anyone anywhere globally in about 5 minutes. An artistic picture about the horrors and beauty of *something/whatever*, I didn't actually bother since I have no interest in Iraq/war.
and the hurt locker wins over avatar best picture of the year and that's why I don't care for the oscars enough to watch them. And superbad wins best comedy. Oh Jesus! Do not care, busy; rolling a joint now.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh October 05, 2010
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Drinking game performed in an elevator, involving two teams of two. One member chugs a beer while inside the elevator, while the other runs to meet the elevator on the next floor by using the nearest stairwell. The member on the inside of the elevator may only drink when the doors are closed. On the next floor, the team members switch places and the member in the elevator begins to drink. When both members of a team have finished their beer, and crossed a designated finish/start line, a winner is declared.
"We played the Hurt Locker last night, Hunter nearly busted his ass"
"Yeah, I heard the beer got the most of him"
by Henry Reacroft May 04, 2010
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