the most ghetto and dangerous city in new york, my home
what's the South Bronx?
South Bronx- the real hood in new york
by Bronxgangsta July 23, 2008
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A place that white people are afraid to go to. To them it is the epitome of the ghetto. Many people from other parts of the Bronx are even afraid to go to the South Bronx.
Though once being made up of vibrant neighborhoods such as Mott Haven, Hunts Point, Melrose, Morrisania and Highbridge, now it's just culturally deteriorated to the "South Bronx".
by YO Man December 18, 2004
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A borough in New York City notorious for its high crime, poverty, fires, culture, and music. Before the end of World War II the South Bronx had a large Jewish and Italian community. After the war and the white flight, the community became composed largely of Puerto-Ricans, Puerto-Rican Americans, and African Americans. In the 70s arson swept the region and could be seen from Yankee stadium. The fires left some parts of the area looking like a war zone. (See the movie Wolfen). The South Bronx has had a high crime rate, but began declining in the 90s due to tighter police control and peace negotiations among enemy gangs(The opposite of what happened to the Los Angeles ghettos during that time). The city has spawned break dancing and some of the earliest forms of Hip-Hop Music like Afrika Bambaata and GM Flash. It has also contributed to the Freestyle (Latin Hip-Hop) and House music movements. Several celebrities and stars came from the South Bronx which include Italian-American actor Al Pachino, Nuyorican actress Jennifer Lopez, "kings of Bachata" Aventura, salsa artists Willie Colon and La India, and several members of the Texas Western Miners with the first all-Black line up in the NCAA.
1)"The Bronx is burning..." Howard Cosell.
Guy 1: Yo , dat movie, Hangin' with the Homeboys, was slammin'!
Guy 2: Word. It took place in da South Bronx.
Guy 1: Da-yum dat place is ghetto.
3) Although Ricardo Tubbs is a New York street cop from the South Bronx he is now working Miami vice with Crockett.
by mastamindofelectro March 17, 2008
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while getting a blowjob you try to sneak out a fart but have a hershey squirt, thereby in reaction your partner vomits on you.
My pal Eddie was driving home with his girl and while getting a blowjob he had a South Bronx Eruption.
by kevincraig May 6, 2005
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A fucking ghetto filled with niggers. Also a nuclear test site
Trump: Let's make NYC better!
Kim Jong un: right ahead of you. Those niggers won't know what hot em'

2 seconds after the south Bronx was nuked, new York city instantly became the best city in the world
by မြန်မာ April 23, 2022
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