The mating call of the giant owl that lives on the Bike Path.
by AH August 27, 2003
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Short for master of ceremonies or mic controller. Essentially a word for a rapper but the term is not limited to hip hop. Drum and Bass, Garage, Happy Hardcore, Ragga and old school rave all feature MCs, however with these genres, the MC generally MCs live while a DJ mixes the tunes, whereas hip hop MCs mainly do so on record
Navigator is a wicked MC
Biggie was a phat MC
I'm MCing at a house party tonight, you coming?
by G December 5, 2003
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McThe McThing McDonald's McPuts McAt McThe McBeginning McOf McEvery McOne McOf McTheir McProducts. McSounds McFucking McRetarded McIf McYou McAsk McMe.
Why the fuck does every McDonald's product have to begin with "Mc?" Are they not able to think of better, more creative names?
by Yopmail User August 24, 2022
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The MC or Main Character did all the work in the role plays and dramas.
by Kat Neko February 25, 2017
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to put Mc in front of every word when ordering at mc donalds.

also if you go to mc donalds and you ask for a chicken burger they don't understand what you're after unless you put a "mc" infront of it
the check out chick was being a dickhead so he mc it everything

<customer> umm can i have a fish burger

<mc dickhead> what's a fish burger

<customer> ummm the mc fish

<mc dickhead> oh yeah sure... would you like fries with that
by yzzil106 March 24, 2007
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Master of Ceremonies or Microphone Controller. A rapper who is either the host of an event; someone with enough flow and skill to be considered a master of the art of rap.
Mos Def is one of the best MCs in the world.
by Marshall Hopkins June 11, 2004
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Minecraft in short-form
Let’s play Mc
Go on Mc
by Fatccoon July 5, 2019
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