A sexually transmitted disease that has evolved from syphillis, genital herpes, and the "clap."
"I heard she got the gotch, what a slut!"

"I don't know what the gotch is, but I'm pretty damn sure I don't have it!"

"I think the gotch count in the room is about ten."
by Paul Haggis, Dan Larsony January 13, 2008
Guy On The couCH

n. That friend that "crashed" on your couch a party a while back and never left it.
"Who is that?"
"Oh him? That's so-in-so, he's been sleeping on the couch for 2 weeks now.
"Oh, you have a gotch too?
by FriendWithAGOTCH December 31, 2010
crooked, uneven, or asymmetrical, esp. of the eyes
"I could never tell which direction that gotch-eyed Marty Feldman was looking."

Russia's Captain Count Nicholas Pavlovich Ignatieff was known to have a divided left iris, half of which was blue, the other half brown; tortured prisoners were said to have known he enjoyed inflicting pain and cruelty "by the glitter in his gotch eye."

"Last night we drank ourselves completely gotch-eyed."
by spacklepants January 23, 2008
Gotch a magnificent word with great power, used mostly when surprised
Hayley: "oh my gotch"
Ryan: "do ya like ya surprise sista gurl?"
Hayley "its gotching hilarious, a pig on you HAHAHA"
by Sissygurlie July 23, 2017
"I might be a little later than I thought"
by DillBee January 6, 2021
(verb or adjective)- the act of skeeting on a woman's face, thus claiming her as your own. Literally refers to the act of skeeting, but can be used in claiming a Woman.
She totally got gotched! That ho is gotched mofucker.
by Jesus Deeran December 6, 2005