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You insert your fist repeatedly while the female is on her menstrual cycle. Thus creating Hawaiian Punch.
Vanessa: "Stephen we can't have sex im on my period."

Stephen: "Well perhaps, we can try something new!"

Vanessa: "Like what?"

Stephen: "Its called a Hawaiian Punch."
by Datthott September 28, 2012
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(v)-Partially inserting tropical fruit into an oriface in a person and using a punch or series of punches to fully insert the fruit.
"I shoved a kiwi halfway in her twat and gave it a spinning backfist that sent it into her ovaries!" "NOW THATS A HAWAIIAN PUNCH!!"
by David Stratton March 08, 2007
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A sexual act that involves you anally fishing a Hawaii girl and making her bleed.
"Damn bitch, you bleeding everywhere after that Hawaiian Punch.
by Big Daddy Dav December 08, 2016
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