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the gayme is a gay rapper who claims he is from compton but is really a stripper who was on the chage of heart he also has a tongue ring because he is gay & his mom used 2 own a male strip club. he has also had a gay porn video of him sukin on a picture of dr dre he is gay & should stop bitchin stop cryin after he left g-unit he became broke after his stripper tongue ring fake ass motherfuka ;eft g-unit he a disrespectful nigga sed by papoose, g-unit, young buck, & Jt The Bigga Figga who he stole black wall street from he try coverin up his butterfly tattoo with an la tattoo & covered up his sisquo sun with an n.w.a tattoo he a gay ass motherfuka as sed by lil eazy e
the gayme, his mom, big fase, black wall street, wack wall street
by nasdack July 17, 2006
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It's a wunna be triple H, goes by the name double A he is the Gayme not the Game.
I am the Gayme and i am that damn good. I have taken the best of the best out in the past. And I am the beast.
by Josh Kings mum October 13, 2004
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