A gayme is literally just a game that's gay.
Some would use it to insult people, but others use it to describe the game.
John: Oh my god, Paul. You're so gay. No wonder you always play this gayme.
Paul: Game? More like gayme.
by YeetMaster101010 October 12, 2018
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Gayme (Verb) when takings ones name and combining it with the word gay to emphasize ones ultimate level of gay.
*Dan "God damnit Nate, the Eagles fucking suck ass and Rocky isn't real".

Jay* "Yeah Gate!!!!!!!" And that is when the group realized Gayme changing can actually happen.

Tyler* "Talks shit to Jay"
Jay* "Gyler, you can do better than that and we forgive you little guy. But at least your taller than the Cardinals new Quarterback.
by I_Won August 7, 2019
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Gaming while receiving head from a member of the same sex.
Steve: Ayo, Logan, wanna do some gayming later tonight?
Logan: Hell yeah, bro, that's hot.
by RenIsLost July 27, 2021
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the gayme is a gay rapper who claims he is from compton but is really a stripper who was on the chage of heart he also has a tongue ring because he is gay & his mom used 2 own a male strip club. he has also had a gay porn video of him sukin on a picture of dr dre he is gay & should stop bitchin stop cryin after he left g-unit he became broke after his stripper tongue ring fake ass motherfuka ;eft g-unit he a disrespectful nigga sed by papoose, g-unit, young buck, & Jt The Bigga Figga who he stole black wall street from he try coverin up his butterfly tattoo with an la tattoo & covered up his sisquo sun with an n.w.a tattoo he a gay ass motherfuka as sed by lil eazy e
the gayme, his mom, big fase, black wall street, wack wall street
by nasdack July 17, 2006
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When boys get together either with LAN parties or over their headsets and play countless games for ongoing hours without stopping
"Wanna do some madd gayming in WOW today?"
by stephanie mia ditom June 25, 2008
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A pejorative term used retroactively to refer to a game in which copious amounts of gay were present.
Man, fuck that gaym.
There couldn't have been a worse gaym in the history of gayming.
Why do I play this gaym?
by Atican April 20, 2008
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An act between two heterosexual males in which the goal is to perform the gayest act towards each other for the longest amount of time. At the end of the act, the word GAAAAAYMES! must be uttered to prove the heterosexuality of contestants.

This game was introduced by my "gay" cousins in California, and made popular in Baltimore.
Mr. Atallah stroked Kevin's knee and yelled GAYMES, so Kevin re-Gaymed back him by touching his penis. Kevin is the greatest gaymer known to heterosexual man.
by S. Indian Elephant January 19, 2009
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