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A pejorative term used retroactively to refer to a game in which copious amounts of gay were present.
Man, fuck that gaym.
There couldn't have been a worse gaym in the history of gayming.
Why do I play this gaym?
by Atican April 19, 2008
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Games for little girls who can't spell games
I searched up gayms on google but nothing came up. IK.
by MrInterestant December 27, 2018
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When a straight male recieves provocative actions from a homosexual male dispite his uninterest.
Gay guy:"Hey sweet thing, can I buy you a drink?"
Joe:"Erm...sorry but I'm not gay."
Gay guy:*giggles*"Oh, sorry to bother you"
by Cheesynipples September 05, 2010
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#GAYM is an irc channel on the ChatSpike network where you can play simple text/symbol-based games through a bot called GAYM. The channel used to be called #GAY but was changed for... obvious reasons. The bot also has several quirks, such as if you say "gay" it will respond with "GAY" in all caps.
<Person> this channel is really gay
by Detrimentalist August 07, 2011
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