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Loy comes from the principle is more concerned with values like honesty, faithfulness, trustworthiness, truthful etc
i will encourage all of you to be loy no matter the circumstances because it will set you free.
by Lucelle March 16, 2015
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A very imaginative female who is a great artist and Love amine. A personality to die for and treats all friends like gifts. Loy is a female that has a hard time with relationships but takes guys with a grain of salt and always knows what she wants.

Beauty and Brains make others jealous and girls mean to a Loy for this reason.
Wow! With Beauty and Brains she must be a LOY.

I wish I was Loy she seems to have it all.
by MysticB February 04, 2010
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Gay or Icy.
When using t9 on your cell phone, when attempt to type the word icy, it some up as gay. When trying to explain what you meant by gay, and you say Icy it looks similar to loy.

When something is stupid or weird it is loy.
"Oh man, the drive way is really gay."
"oh, that's loy"

"John, why are you wearing womens clothing? That is extra loy."
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Noun. A large addition of swag.
Friend 1: I scored the game winning goal last night.
Friend 2: Whoa, that's awesome, your swag just increased by a loy.
by Blah708 June 25, 2016
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A self-absorbed anime freak who lives in the past and pseudo glory days of high school and very pseudo invisible girlfriends. Also a Necrophiliac and has an obsession with Japan. Never goes out and is an extreme stalker. Loves woman but can never get any. Takes credit for other peoples work especially high achievments. Very immature.
Loy is the name you put on a restraining order.
by ms. murray August 24, 2008
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