An underage girl who intentionally exposes their nude pictures and videos of themselves participating in sexual activities such as; masturbation and intercourse. Usually, they expose themselves in a edit used by the app, Funimate. "Foreigner" is a song made by the late rapper, Pop Smoke. This song is normally used in these edits. For short, this is now a challenge called, "The Foreigner Challenge." *If you see any posts or reposts of these edits, report them or report the account immediately.*
Have you heard about this edit of this girl? People call her a Foreigner now.
by curiosity is near May 05, 2020
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a car that was not made in that country

For America - Mercedes, Lamborgini, Audi
Person 1: I be pullin' up in foreigns
by BNGRZ April 09, 2018
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An expensive\sports foreign car produced outside of the United States. Commonly referring to cars made by brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.
"In a foreign switchin' lanes you can't catch up" as rapped in Lil Mosey's song 'Notice'.
by Not Teagen July 30, 2018
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Nowadays Foreign means since she/he is not from around here so she is physically attractive,
by Does Someone have this handle? November 08, 2015
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Original definition: Foreigner - Someone who does understand how American society works. Nowadays it can mean just about anything. "Wow, ur so foreign." - Calling someone stupid or gay or something. Or, "Wow your so foreign!", as a compliment because they had a good idea or it can be like, "Im gonna foreign u in the face!' meaning, I'm gonna punch you in the face, or "Let's foreign" meaning let's fuck or lets go ect, or "Foreignocracy", politcal party. or "Foreignology" the study of all things foreign, and much more.
Kid 1- "Sebastian is so foreign"!
Kid 2- "I know, he doesn't understand society at all"!

Kid 1-"Wow, look who decided to be foreign..."
by TheGuyWhoWantsToHelp November 13, 2010
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An adjective used to describe someone or something from another country. But from the mouths of teens, it refers to someone, especially a girl, that "isn't from round here" so is attractive. Lots of girls put it on their Instagram bios with the palm tree emoji.

A polite way of saying "exotic". Usually a compliment.
I want that foreign, that Peng ting from Dubai, I can't understand her, she's foreign
by U dont know me :) September 27, 2016
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A word uses to describe females who have posted or shared explicit pictures of themselves.
Poppa: Ayy that bitch a foreigner ?
Jimmy: yeh she’s the foreigner that got her pics leaked
by Rippop May 06, 2020
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