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A British slang word which means good looking or absolutely beautiful
Michael: oi Bruv u seein Maddison

Tion: yh my g she a peng ting

Michael: no lies
by Cookiem0nster•08•03 November 12, 2017
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the term 'pengting' is used to say someone is very attractive or 'fit' as youths say. This is also known as being 'choong' or 'nang'. It can be used as just 'peng', but is seen as being slightly -cough- "cooler" to say 'ting' at the end.
"Oi mate, shes a pengting bruv."
"Yeah she's nang."
by Lucie :) May 01, 2008
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Something or someone of high quality. Hence, an attractive, pretty person.
she a peng ting
by XxZoexX August 05, 2020
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A British term to describe I really fit person
Guy1:did you see Jessica today?
Guy2:yeah she’s a peng ting
by donkeysareholy August 19, 2018
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