Larry Elder's AM radio friendly euphamism for "the shit hit the fan."
When Ross Perot said "You people," when speaking to a primarily black audience, the fit hit the shan.
by The Penguin Incarnate October 5, 2003
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adj. when things go really bad really quickly and everybody in the vicinity is effected

Derived from a transposition of shit hits the fan. Used in replace of shit hits the fan to try to regain some of the comic style and originality that the phrase used to have by making the listener think for a second. Also makes the phrase okay in front of the kids.
I just hope I get laid off and receive my severance package from this place before the fit hits the shan.
by Webster Papadopolous July 13, 2004
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A phrase commonly used by frumpy,white Middle American women, (usually 30+ and wear mom pants, also see soccer moms) as a euphemism for "the shit hits the fan".
A soccer mom having a cell phone conversation mid sentence: ".......and that's when the fit hit the shan."

Black guy overhearing the conversation also on a cellphone:" Yo man, I just heard this white bitch talkin bout "the fit hit the shan" and shit."

Black guy on the line: "You sure she didn't say "the shit hit the fan"?

Black guy1: "Nah man, that bitch straight out said "the fit hits the shan!"
by alstin January 4, 2010
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A polite way of saying (or typing) the phrase, "the shit has hit the fan".
{Seen on an online forum}: yea, the fit has hit the shan...think we're discussing all of this in the POLITICAL FORUM, Ang. in the, "From Ferguson With Love" thread...
by Telephony November 26, 2014
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