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n. The Greatest Band of All time also see Jesus and Ditka, also resposible for infulencing every major musician today (even the Bestie Boys and Eminem), often either ignored by todays youth or needless stirred up over anything involving Mr. Plant and the rest.
Led Zeppelin is the opposite of emo.

Led Zeppelin almost destroyed the entire universe in 1973 with the release of The House of Holies, it was just that awesome.
by The Penguin Incarnate October 21, 2003
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n. The King of Pirates. Show some fucking respect here.
Monkey D Luffy became a pirate becuase of his admiration of "Red Haired" Shanks.
by The Penguin Incarnate October 5, 2003
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The Man, the Mystery, the Chin. The greatest hero of all time.
Bruce Campbell single handedly destroyed the Deadites on several occasions and there by saved mankind.
by The Penguin Incarnate September 20, 2003
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The inversion of Led Zepplin or Ditka, something that is abhorrent to God and man.
Butkus was on Sport Center again trying to denounce Coach Ditka, what a cockjockey.
by The Penguin Incarnate June 8, 2003
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n. To deficate on someone, particualarly a female, see also Cleaveland Steamer.
Charleece really didn't like it when Steven did a Hausedorfer on her chest.
by The Penguin Incarnate June 8, 2003
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Joey jalloped his girlfriend after sex.

Tom while passing by in his car jalloped Joey, cause he owed him money.
by The Penguin Incarnate June 7, 2003
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v. To cock slap someone, typically in the face, also see jallop.
After beating Joe in Warcraft III, Tommy jaloped him right in the face.
by The Penguin Incarnate October 26, 2003
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