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A phrase commonly used by frumpy,white Middle American women, (usually 30+ and wear mom pants, also see soccer moms) as a euphemism for "the shit hits the fan".
A soccer mom having a cell phone conversation mid sentence: ".......and that's when the fit hit the shan."

Black guy overhearing the conversation also on a cellphone:" Yo man, I just heard this white bitch talkin bout "the fit hit the shan" and shit."

Black guy on the line: "You sure she didn't say "the shit hit the fan"?

Black guy1: "Nah man, that bitch straight out said "the fit hits the shan!"
by alstin January 4, 2010
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A portmanteau of Maury Povich with the words Ho and Bitch. A woman with a litter of illegitimate children from different men,(usually fat and black,but also trashy white,a few hispanic, but NEVER asian), that has no idea in the world who her baby's fathers may be because she has been inseminated more times than her memory allows her to remember. An utterly insatiable nymphomanic. She is usually dirt poor and uneducated and is know in her hometown as the neighborhood slut, whore, hood-rat, hoochie, ho, etc.. She always claims to be 100% positive that a certain man is her babies father just so she can get more welfare money and child support,but she knows in her mind that there is a 1 in 10 chance at best.
From the Maury Povich Show.
Jamal: "Yo Dee! Hook me up with your cousin Shawneeq. Babe girl be lookin good!"

Dee: "You sure about that! She gots like 10 kids from different dads, and I think she's pregnant."

Jamal: "I didn't know she was such a Maury HoBitch! But still lemme get her number. She can't get pregnant twice!
by alstin January 6, 2010
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A derogatory and highly offensive term used to demean Salvadoreans, a portmanteau of the words Salvadorean and puto. Usually said by Mexicans and Mexican Americans but gaining popularity among Central and South American communities.
Miguel: "Hey Jose, lets go hang out with Ramon."

Jose: "Nah man. He's a fuckin Salvaputo!"

Miguel: "What! I thought he was Mexican!"

Jose: "Nah man, his parents are from El Salvador"

Miguel: "That's a damn shame. I used to think he was cool."
by alstin January 4, 2010
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noun. A portmanteau of "Pedophile adoption", when a pedophile adopts a boy or girl with the sole intention of molestation.(See Little Orphan Annie, Webster, Diff'rent Strokes for examples)
John: "Do you like the show Diff'rent Strokes?"

Joe:"Nah man! That whole pedoption thing creaps me out!"

John: "What?!"
by alstin January 4, 2010
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1.Any place gays congregate, especially bars near airports. From the Family Guy episode "E. Peterbus Unum."

2.The originall name that was intended for the great Former Republic of Petoria, only to be scrapped by Peter Griffin because a gay bar down by the airport had already taken the name.
Jim: "Lets go to San Francisco for spring break."

Bob: "Hell no! I ain't gonna spend my spring break in Peterland!"
by alstin January 4, 2010
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