Whatever you're thinking about saying or doing JUST DON'T, whether it's to avoid an argument or to not hurt someone's feelings instead of saying what's really on your mind you simply say "I'm don'ting" & leave it at that.
"I'm don'ting" today so leave me out of it.
by Mama Bear Lloyd November 29, 2016
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the act of not doing
don't eat my bananas!!!
by Ktrocker91 June 20, 2008
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Something that people say not to do which generally implies for you to do it.
Teacher: Don't swear in class!
Student: what the f**k did you say b****?
by Ally and Chris May 26, 2006
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The Southern equivalent of saying "isn't it" or "aren't it". Synonymous with "ain't it" & "In'nit", Don't-It's main goal is to inform someone or some intangible object that a socially accepted agreement's been made towards something either being discussed or spoken of, as on a radio or TV.
Though Don't-It's not proper English, when it's said, it's closest to a raw statement or question.
by NoEtOll August 29, 2010
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"I'm sooooo hornywasted. I sooooo want to drunk dial my ex. What to do?"

"To don't. Take it easy sleezy."

"You're right. I guess that's a pretty big to don't."

"Huge to don't."
by May I. Havaword February 21, 2009
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A common contraction of "do not" used when one participates in Don't Speak where the words take on the form of "Did you know...". Don't speak is a contradictionay language where one makes statements begining the phrase with either "Don't" or "I know...".


Dont, when used in this language, has the complete opposite effect of its normal counterpart.
"Yo... Dont give me a slice of yo pizza"
-Translation: Give me a slice of your pizza.

When asked a question that puzzles the listener, the listener will calmly reply...

"Dont, I know what you talkin about"

"Dont" is the begining of the sentence, "I know" is the complete opposite... meaning the listener has no idea what was said.
by xCOBRA_CLUTCHx March 25, 2004
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