When you are chilling in class and get a boner, particularly for no reason. Usually happens in the same classroom every day; particularly common throughout Jr. High and High School
Spencer: WTF, i always get this random boner in Mrs. Cone's room!

Garrett: Yeah, i get one in that class, too. Carver said that it's called a classroom boner.
by Boner_Man October 20, 2009
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fuckin' dank ass school website most high school prisoners are forced to surrender their social life on the weekends to this wack ass bullshit. this website accentuates every aspect of hell complied into a website
Megan: yo nigga did you submit youre shit to google classroom ?
Stephanie: fuck dat bullshit miss kiesha is a wack ass bicth
Megan: yo shword!
by swaggy.steph69 January 15, 2018
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Assassination classroom is a show about this creature known as Korosensei, a unknown creature that destroyed about 70% of the moon. Korosensei also wants to destroy the earth a year later but before he does, he wants to teach a class of the middle schoo under achievers. The organization holding him soon allowed him to work at the school and telling the students it is their job to assassinate their teacher within a year to receive a great deal of cash. This, being their only chance to make a name for themselves, they agree and begin trying to murder their teacher while he teaches the students normal everyday subjects.
by Anime Chan 227 May 23, 2016
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When you take a class and some ugly chick finally seems hot because there is nothing better to look at.
Dude, why did you bang that ugly bitch?

Yo Smoke, it was classroom syndrom.
by Wally Krunk from the grave January 30, 2008
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A trash app that teachers can post O N L I N E W O R K. It is even more stressful for students because they can out of nowhere see a assignment notification and get pressured. ALSO, Make sure to rate google classroom 1 Star on the App Store! Thanks!
Ugh the teacher assigned more work on Google Classroom
Ik it sucks can we like have a break or something for gosh sakes??
by e1rg April 11, 2020
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When you wake up and feel energized but as soon as you enter the classroom, a wave of exhaustion comes over you & have trouble staying awake for the duration of class. Amazingly, once you leave the vile classroom atmosphere, you suddenly become energized & ready to conquer the world!
As soon as I entered class, I had trouble staying awake and fell into a classroom coma!
by Demi K August 30, 2010
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Someone who you hang out with in class, but nowhere else. They're normally way more popular than you. You get along and hang out in class, but they don't acknowledge you anywhere else.
Girl 1: I kind of like Nick.
Girl 2: Oh he's cute. But do you ever even talk to him?
Girl 1: Kind of. He's a classroom friend.
Girl 2: Oh gosh that sucks.
Girl 1: Yeah.
by swallowbacca May 5, 2013
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