A sexual move involving 100 female orgasms in a row
He gave her the brandon, and she cried out for hours
by Brandon July 23, 2004
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when wearing a button up shirt for work, but the top 3 buttons are left undone so the t-shirt underneath is easily visible.
did you see Lanzo rocking "the brandon"?

Yeah, you could totally see his t-shirt. What a turd. Looks like he's got bacon neck too.
by T-Cross October 12, 2011
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Brandon is probably the only type of guy who is extremely attractive, but also not popular at school, nor hangs with popular guys. Everyone thinks all girls are after him, and he uses them all, but the reality is that isn’t true. Brandon is the type of guy you know you love, but confuses you all the time. He is the type of guy that you text your friends about so much, that when you type in the letter “B”; his name shows up. You don’t know if you’re special to him, or if he says these words to every girl. He may say many things to many girls, but there is only one who is really in his heart, and if you searched his name up you probably are that girl.(or you are brandon). Your friends tell you to stay away from him, but he is so beautiful. He is just so perfect in every way. When he upsets you, he doesn’t realize it, he apologizes when he does realize, though. He means it too, and if you mean something to him he won’t let you know that, but he will for sure let his friends know that you mean something to him. He acts so confident, like he’s got it all covered. But getting to know him is interesting, his life isn’t picture perfect. But for the one girl, and if you’re lucky and you are the girl, you are his weakness. He’s seen as a player, but he is nothing of the sort. There are countless red flags, but there are a small amount of green flags that make him so special. Brandon is so special.
Girl: Who is that guy, is he new? He’s cute.
Girl#2: That’s Brandon, he’s been here for the past 3 years. He probably has too many chicks to count, don’t bother.
by Addy2000 October 9, 2021
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Brandon is a one of a kind guy. He might just be the sweetest man you will come to know. Brandon may seem intimidating and scary at first but deep down he is just like a big teddy bear. Brandon's love more than most. They are very loyal, respectful, and kind when it comes to relationships. Because Brandon's are so loving and have huge hearts, they hurt more than most if let down. Brandon's will do anything for the people they love. You will be very lucky to have a Brandon in your life. He may get mad at times but he will always be there for you when you need him
Friend 1- Your'e still with Brandon?!
Friend 2- He's the best man iv'e ever been with of course i am.
by The_Realest1231 January 4, 2020
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The most funny person on earth. Brandon is a very special friend because he will do not matter what it takes to do what's right. Brandon is straight up with anyone and will always tell the truth although you don't believe him. Brandon will make the girl he likes feel special and unique. Brandon is smart, but he can get himself into problems. Brandon will always take the right path success. Brandon will always treat his true friends like family. It is rare to encounter Brandon's like this one. Brandon is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. If you ever meet a Brandon make sure to give him good energy so he can give you the same.
Hey did you talk to Brandon
Yea he is so chill
by stock45 March 30, 2022
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A lovely boy who could make you feel like you’ve won the lottery. He sometimes plays with your feelings and confuses you but you will always some how find yourself running back to him. You can love him easily, he is gorgeous with amazing hair and eyes and a lovely personality. Inside he can have insecurities but you have to remind him that your there for him and that you care about him. He sometimes likes to be the centre of attention but if he really cares all he wants it to give you attention.If you have a Brandon don’t loose him or make a mistake you’ll regret. He’ll love you if you love him.
Omg I think I love Brandon!
by Honeylove332 July 27, 2019
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Brandon is a person with an overall great person . Even though he has a short attention span, if you are talking to him, he will listen to every word. Brandon is a very creative person; give him a box he'll make it into a rocket ship, give him some paper clips, he'll make a dragon. At first, he doesn't know who he loves, but when he does he'll love them forever. Brandon will be shy when you first meet him, but when you get to know him he'll never shut up. If you come to him for advice, he will never disappoint.
Man, Brandon is a good friend once you get to know him.
by Dubstomp49 June 8, 2017
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