The sexual act of using one's hands to stimulate or erect their partner's penis by using the stick fire-starter motion, commonly used in boy scouts.

"We were in the bathtub the other night and she totally did the boy scout on me!"

by Tonya and Steve February 13, 2008
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A group that, like german's, are criticized and stereotyped based off of a few of their number. While many Boy Scouts are unskilled, uncoordinated marshmallows, there are some among them who are very competent, skilled, and mature. And for the record, calling boy scout's gay is like special olympics retarded, because it is a publicly anti-homosexual organization. Some scouts take what they do very seriously, and are greatly offended when people stereotype them. Many of these skilled Boy Scouts, who generally become eagle scouts, which as you probably know is the most prestigious thing a youth in our country can do, are highly trianed in the use of knives, bows, firearms, wilderness survival, first aid, and firebuilding. They are extremely dedicated and honorable young men, who work their asses of to do what they do. Many will go on to become soldiers and special forces operators, politicians, police officers, teachers, firemen, doctors, and other professions people rely on. So next time, just think, when you and your friends are sitting making fun of these boys, besides the fact he could probably kill you before you knew he was mad, that he may be the person who you need to protect you, or lead you, or save you one day. Remember that.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear? Johnny was making fun of Mike the other day, and Mike stabbed Johnny in the knee, tore out 4 of his teeth, and choked him to death with a square knot.
Guy 2: Holy Balls!!!??!! Where did he learn to do that?
Guy 1: Boy Scouts.
Guy 2: Seems legit....
by soccerxboy101 June 19, 2012
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A married or unmarried male who is all of what the Boy Scouts aspire to be in public or in private.
You were married and alone, but bragged up your family in mixed company. You didn't hit on me. You didn't touch my thigh or grab my arm. You met me in a public place each night, and sent me away as such. You were a gentleman. You pulled out my chair. You are what all women want, but none can achieve. You are a Boy Scout.
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A member of an organization that is miserably misunderstood. In the boyscouts most of the boys spend their time playing with knives, fire,and guns. Most people say they are wimpy nerds when in fact most of them are experts with knives and could kill you from fifty feet with a spoon. On camping trips they play knife games and try to set everything they can on fire. Boy scouts do not learn good values and how to eat bugs they become experts with dangerous weapons.
Average guy: Hey look it's a wimpy little boyscout hahaha.
Boy Scout:...
Average guy: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!(lying on ground with 6 knives in his chest, all of his fingers removed, set on fire, and three tomahawks in his stomach).
by superninjapenguin February 12, 2007
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a quasi military organization that trains young american boys how to kick ass and take names,they do a lot more than than set stuff on fire and tie knots.
micheal: i would never join the boy scouts, its gay
john: i know how to 200 ways to kill you in 5 secs
by mr.remoter January 13, 2011
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A member of an elite organization that is almost a pre-military organization. Most members teach themselves how to throw knives. They also know how to shoot guns, and survive in the wilderness. Almost all of them are athletic and involved in sports. Simply, they are beasts in all areas.
Terrorist: I'm going to kick your ass, bitch!
*Boy Scout gives the Terrorist the "Death Stare."*
Bystander: I don't think that's such a good idea... he's a boy scout.
Terrorist: I don't care I'm gonna kill this little mother fu...
*Boy Scout blocks the Terrorist's punch, breaks his arm, and then flips him on the ground. The Boy Scout then puts the Terrorist in a headlock until he passes out. The Boy Scout then proceeds to carry the Terrorist into the woods where he ties him up in a tree.*
by TheBoyScoutGod September 19, 2009
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An organization that is thought to be comprised of wimps and geeks, but most of the wimps and geeks don't get past Cub Scouts. The ones who continue avoid the fun stuff like rock climbing, kayaking, etc (the reasons everyone stays with it).
While Nick is a whiner who poops the bed, the rest of the Boy Scout troop is fun most of the time.
by urbandictionaryuploader July 24, 2009
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