Large, discombobbled, and uneven pair of boobs for fat chicks. They are just two lumps of fat lard. This is why it seems like the fat girls are usually first to bloom.

dude she has massive burger patties! how disgusting those arent real
by oilcanman April 6, 2009
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Seven burger patties high whoppers (that’s 5.8 inches tall) served by Burger King restaurants in Taiwan and Japan to honor Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system. Highly expected in the USA.
The monstrosity with its 791 grams of beef contains 2,120-2,500 calories which is equivalent to the daily recommended calorie intake for the average man at 2,500 (the average woman should consume about 2,000 calories a day)!
X: "How was your Japan trip... scored any geisha?"
Y: "Geisha my ass... after gorging a Seven Burger Patties of Hell I retired to the bathroom crapping my soul out."
by rperazag June 18, 2010
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