10 definitions by kellyhasabowl

a guy that told you he loves you and then 3 days later cheats on you and then three days after tht he licks ur face when he was trying to kiss you
ellie: wait are you and jack still together?
sally: no he’s a trickassmotherfucker
by kellyhasabowl April 14, 2020
A answer to a “yes” or “no” question that shows a lack of interest. Used when you don’t care enough to say no but you don’t want to say yes. Really just implies that you don’t give a shit.
Girl: “Do I look okay?”
Boy: “sure”
Girl: “Ugh! I knew I looked bad!”
Boy: “I literally said you looked fine.”
by kellyhasabowl March 2, 2020
a symbolic phrase that embodies all of the good memories in a relationship
dude: “yo, all da planes we flew
bro: “shittt man, all the planes we flew!”
by kellyhasabowl April 14, 2020
what a guy calls his “girl best friend” that he is so obviously in love with but for some reason can’t make up his mind about what to do, usually used after a failed relationship. The bond and feelings are still there but it just doesn’t work.
Michaela: “Raymond, what even are we? you say one thing and then act totally different.”
Raymond: “Michaela, you are my best best friend.”
by kellyhasabowl March 3, 2020
a godly specimen. a rare sighting. you don’t know you’ve encountered one until they are long gone.
some habits of a gregasaurus include interpretative dancing, leaving the toilet seat up, and taking years to wash a single plate
by kellyhasabowl April 14, 2020
the fattest of asses. pure perfection. the kind of ass that makes you triple take.
bro: “Damn look at that cashass”
dude: “Dayamm!”
by kellyhasabowl April 14, 2020