An extremely cool person recieves the nickname Alehandro, they're usually people who get alot of pussy, ALOT OF PUSSY. Probably more awesome then you, yeah you... reading this right now.
PERSON 1 hey i'm gonna call you alehandro
PERSON 2 why?
PERSON 1 cuz your a pussy magnet
by thebestfuckerever August 29, 2011
some fagget that thinks hes good at everything and thinks hes better then everyone cuz he wrestles and touches guys balls and rectum but hes not only at blowing guys. while everybody in sewanhaka rides his cock on how good he is not knowing hes on steroids is a serious crime and should be slapped in the face.he is a loser everybody that hangs out with him is a loser also.
KID1 hey u know tht kid alehandro?
KID2 yea i saw him taking it up the ass by the gazebo
KId1 ah yea u do know him
by worlds best August 24, 2008