a dark and powerful mythical force that can only be summoned by a ancient blood ritual and offering of plebs in world of warcraft
stranger 1:hey have you ever heard the urban legend of the benny ?
stranger 2: whos the benny ?
stranger1:cant sleep the benny will get me
by thebenny December 3, 2017
To make out with and grope your significant other in front of a group of friends. The event is concluded when the man asks to take home half of the food despite only bringing cheese and crackers.
"Did you hear what Jack did the other night?"
"No, what did he do?"
"He pulled a benny benny"
by 1014Tyme March 18, 2021
From the viral song and music video "Friday" by Rebecca Black - remember the girl in pink who sits to the right of Rebecca in the car and dances awkwardly? She does a dance with her arms that looks like she is playing an accordion. This dance is called "The Benni".
Everybody do The Benni!
by indiebock March 21, 2011
Being abducted by attending Vascular Surgeon, after 5pm, to make unsolicited evening rounds, to keep him/her company. Especially when walking out the door to go home.
I was stepping onto the six o'clock jitney home when I was bennied and did not end up leaving the hospital until 9pm.
by DFox October 25, 2006
Greatness in every sense of the word. Used to describe men,somebody that is Benni is adored by females the world over, and worshipped by aspiring young guitarists all over the planet. If u r Benni, u r the MAN!
I love u so much. u r Benni.
by Adam Cawdery April 10, 2003
This is simply one of the most disgraceful things someone could say to you. A Bennis usually refers to someone just absolutely sucking at life. With a bennis, you should beware of flaunting it and make sure you hide it at all costs as it’s appearance may haunt you for ages. Beware of the Bennis.
Alexander is all over this hot girl but the kids an absolute fuck-up of a guy, therefor you could say he has a “Bennis”. He sucks, Alexander sucks.
by Frontporch October 1, 2019