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Very good, the best
The pants you are wearing are the bee's knees.
by Professor Frink January 04, 2003

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a genius and "the sexist man alive". a hater of people named ben. he enjoys talking about pants.
stop being a rushby
by professor frink October 17, 2003

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1) A gathering of men (mostly married, mostly old enough to vaguely remember the original Pong) for the purposes of drinking heavily and playing videogames (of the modern PS2/Xbox variety, not ACTUALLY Pong).
2) The extension of this gathering to include other fun, errr, boorish activities such as viewing of pornography and/or visiting of strip clubs.
3) See #2 above, except without videogames and with women instead of men, clothing optional. (Hypothetical.)
Dude, you gonna come over to the Pong party this weekend?

Nah, man, I'm always down for some Madden, but you guys will probably have that weird Euro-porn with the guys with scuba masks on the other TV.
by Professor Frink July 08, 2005

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Common-sense, rational logical reasoning

You're definitely unlike the average computer user, you employed some excellent Operah-eque psychology to shut down those brain-dead blathering computer-using idiots

by Professor Frink August 25, 2003

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