Firing, great, all-time, extreme, as good as it gets, richtering
The Bay was goin' off on that last North swell.
Look at all the chicks; this club is goin' off!
by AFDunne January 19, 2004
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No one really knows the true meaning of "goin off tez" we just are.

may involve bare drinks, drugs, fucking sick beats, freakish dance moves, and general messyness.
"Fucking Tunes upstairs!! i'm goin off tez!!"

"don't give a fuck what no-one sez, i'm goin off tez!"
by BiggD October 23, 2007
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WOG for something that is going crazy or just really good.
Bro, that Rex is full goin off with its subwoofer's bro!
by Raeen August 28, 2005
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